NLP Practitioner Training in Essex

Accredited NLP Practitioner training to transform minds and lives for resilience, happiness and success.

Become an NLP practitioner and open your mind to deep change, what is truly possible and who you can become.

Next dates: March 2024

Are you ready?

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is the psychology of success.  It was created by Dr Richard Bandler and John Grindr, who asked the question, “Why do some people excel at certain things and others not. 

They studied the best of the best, including athletes, great teachers, behavioural scientists and amazing therapists to name a few.  They then pulled all the most effective knowledge together and formed models and techniques.  Allowing success to be replicated again and again.  Enter….NLP!

Why study NLP?

NLP is the user manual for the brain, you will experience...

Life vision and clarity

Get clear on your life direction and mission by becoming the creative director of your life. Tap into your core values for more meaningful, fulfilled and purposeful living.

More Success

Learn to coach yourself and others into solutions, bring your vision to life and ensure your success.  Are you ready for the next chapter of your life?  Your future self will thank you.

Subconscious change

Experience powerful inner change, overcome self doubt and rewire your outdated behaviours and thinking.  Update your subconscious software with new programs!

Emotional resilience

You will learn to master emotional states.  Tap into confidence, motivation, focus or calm whenever you choose to.  Learning how to manage your emotional state is the key to happiness and success.  

Enhanced relationships

Learn a deep communication model, build rapport easily and communicate for real impact.  Use your language to create shifts with family, friends, colleagues and clients.

NLP is made up of 4 elements...


The creators of NLP studied people who were exceptional at what they did.  NLP teaches the resulting models of communication, change and success.


NLP is an attitude of curiosity and can do!  It is solution focused and goal orientated!  It believes in the human capacity for deep change and fulfilled living.


 You will learn powerful rapid change techniques, from curing phobias, to resolving conflict, to accessing powerful emotional states and bringing your vision to life.  


Learn  language patterns for leadership and generating change in the world.  Become a word wizard and really inspire those around you with how you communicate.

You will learn and combine these elements to become a master of your mind and to help others do the same.  

Imagine being able to know exactly what to do or say to turn someones day around, to calm your children, inspire your client or be assertive with your boss.  

This is what NLP gives you, the full user manual for the brain.

Who is NLP Practitioner training for?

NLP Practitioner training is for anyone who is interested in the minds potential, wants to generate change, create impact and live as the best version of them.  It often attracts…

7 day fully immersive training

Warning! this is not a sit back and listen training!

Your NLP Practitioner training is an immersive 7 days, using experiential learning to deeply embed NLP skills and confidence.

You will be taught each element and see live demonstrations of change work before your eyes.

Then you have time to practice the techniques with your peers, both facilitating change and receiving it.  You will be supported every step of the way.

Limited to just 15 spots to ensure you get all the support you need.  Many NLP trainings out there have 100s of attendees.  You just simply don’t get the intimate and supportive experience that is offered at Simply Clear Coaching and NLP Club.

Providing high class NLP accredited training in a supportive, safe and nurturing environment is my mission.

You cannot unlearn what you will learn.  Life is simply not the same after.

Is it an accredited NLP Course?

Yes absolutely!

Society of NLP Accredited Training

This is a Society of NLP Accredited Practitioner course.  This is the oldest society and set up by Dr Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP.  

Your Trainer David Williams, completed his Trainer Training with Dr Bandler in Florida, USA.

Your Certificate will have the Society of NLP seal and is an internationally recognised qualification.   

So whether you want NLP for personal use, for your current role or to forge a new career, you can with this qualification.

David With NLP Creator Dr Richard Bandler

A Deeper Dive into what you will learn...

Hypnosis is the ability to create altered states in yourself and others and to access unconscious resources.

Whilst creating NLP, the great hypnotherapist Milton Erickson was modelled.  This resulted in the Milton Model, teaching you language patterns for influence and deep change.

You will learn how to create hypnotic altered states which give direct access to yours and others unconscious inner resources. 

Most people have a phobia or fear about something.  By the end of the practitioner training you will be able to rid yourself and others of phobias and fears. 

NLP teaches a powerful technique called the fast phobia cure, which even after 15 years still surprises me every time!! 

How amazing will that be when you can offer that to those you know, whether they be clients or loved ones.

Sometimes we have to deal with challenging people!!  NLP teaches you where communication goes wrong and how to avoid this.  

With your new NLP skills, you will be able to use your language to connect and gain rapport quickly with any one. 

If we are to create change and lead, we need rapport.  With these skills you can ensure your message resonates deeply with your listener.

Whether this be at a business event, with family, clients, boss or colleagues, sometimes we need a little help to manage those relationships, NLP is it!

NLP helps you find out what you truly want in your heart of hearts.  It teaches you to bring your life in line with the best you. 

It teaches you strategies to set and achieve your values based goals and remove doubt.  

It has strategies and tools to integrate success deep into your neurology.  

We all do things we wish we didn’t and don’t do things we know we should!

Through NLP, break habits and behaviours which no longer serve you and generate those that do.  

All our behaviours have a positive intention, sometimes they served us at one point but now no longer do. 

Break your old habits and pave the way for a new you.

We all have a past, things that have happened which made an emotional impact on us and still play out in the present.

With NLP you will learn to recode the past, resolve trauma and dissolve negative messages you may have taken on as your identity.

These beliefs may be about our self worth, intelligence, creative abilities and success.  They could stem from parents, teachers, siblings or peers.

Time to stop letting the past determine your future and to change your life narrative.

Emotions influence how we show up and the actions we take – We can get emotionally hijacked at times! 

Fear can paralyse us, worry and self doubt can creep in and guilt can ruin us. 

Come and use NLP to drop all these unhelpful emotions and tap into positive states on demand.

Whether you want more confidence, calm or strength, NLP will help you to do this for yourself and others. 

Become the master of your emotions, instead of them controlling you.

Meet Your NLP Trainer

David Williams -
Society of NLP accredited trainer

I am David Williams and my journey started with NLP 15 years ago whilst a therapist in NHS mental health services.  My life has been spent learning how to use the mind to its fullest potential and create emotional resilience.

I have worked with thousands of clients and trained many people in NLP.  I love sharing years of experience in all things psychology, success and mental resilience.

Alongside being a Society of NLP accredited trainer, I am a creator of online programs and do a lot of speaking about all things mind.  I also love nature and dance Argentine Tango! 

I am looking forward to connecting with you and spending 7 days together. 

David Williams – Your NLP Trainer and Coach.

NLP Training Testimonials...

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Lylie – Youth offender worker

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NLP Training FAQ and facts

This course is right for people who are passionate about change, want to be the best them and  make an impact and lead others into their potential.  

If that sounds like you then this course is a perfect fit. 

The NLP Practitioner is seven full days.

Beliefs and perceptions can be changed in a heart beat, people can make profound changes within minutes.

The opportunity to have such an immersive training over seven whole days, is a deep and touching experience and is quite literally a life changer.

I will ensure that you have all of the knowledge and experience to take the skills of NLP into your life.  You will be competent and confident to use them in your day to day interactions.

My NLP Practitioner Training is a multi media experience. 

I have been running trainings for such a long time and use training styles to cater for everyone.

In my training I use body work, video, brain entrainment music, group work, individual work and visual aids, with lots of deep integration.

It is a very experiential course with lots of practice and feedback. 

This ensures the perfect environment for you to learn and take the most from this experience.

To be accredited with the Society of NLP, you need to have covered all of the material within the syllabus.  

You will need to attend the full 7 days to receive your qualification.

You will be an accredited NLP Practitioner with The Society of NLP, the original and oldest NLP society.

With this you will be able to obtain insurance to practice NLP, whether it be in your current work or in private practice.  

On day one you will complete your licensing agreement, agreeing to only use NLP skills ethically for good.  

This is important because they are powerful tools which make you more influential.  

Your licensing agreement is then sent to America for the co-creator Richard Bandler to personally sign.  

Your certificate will then be forwarded to you.

NLP Training Dates Essex

My NLP Trainings are hosted in Chelmsford, Essex.  It is a beautiful venue for you to go on your transformational and impactful journey into NLP.  See below for up and coming trainings.

Next Dates

Mach 2024

All 7 days must be attended


Chelmsford Club, 108 New London Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM20RG

A beautiful venue and the perfect home for you to go on your NLP journey.

What's included?

Full accreditation
NLP Manual

Lunch to be brought with you, teas, coffee and snacks will be provided.

Investment and booking

Full price: £1795

NLP discount price: £1595

Booking options

Option 1

Pay deposit £395 & reserve your place

Option 2

Pay up front and save a further £100

The remaining balance of £1200 must be paid two weeks before commencing course.

Once you have booked I will send you all your welcome details via E-mail and we can introduce ourselves

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